Monday, March 09, 2015

The Deal

There has been much discussion in our home lately about doing the Whole60. Eric was not on board, and I wanted to press on. He was willing to do whatever I decided, to be supportive. But he urged me to consider his side.

Eric has some really good points to argue. He wants us to do something that was sustainable for life. He didn't want to avoid social events because of it. He didn't want to keep jumping from diet to diet only to binge inbetween. He most definitely agreed that we needed to have some sort of rules/plan. He wanted something that would work for us.

How could I argue any of that? Of course I wanted to stick to the Whole30/60. It works. It makes me feel fantastic. But why did I need to do it again? I learnt so much on the first time around, did I NEED to do it again? I am still not sure about that. The answer may still be yes.

We made a deal. We will try it his way for 30 days, and it we come out of the month healthier, we know we found something that works for us. If we fall back into old habits again, we know that obviously we still have work to do, and we will do a Whole60.

Our plan is:
-Eat 99% Whole30/paleo style foods at home. The 1% accounts for the small amount of palm sugar in the kale chips I just bought :p . Can't seem to master making these on my own.
-When eating away from home, choose healthier things, but not impose our dietary preferences on others. This does not give us free range to binge eat cupcakes and salt & vinegar chips at the next brithday party. This gives us the ability to attend potlucks, parties, showers, etc without worrying there will be nothing for us to eat, and we will have to explain to everyone why we are not eating. This is the way it is when doing a Whole30, but it is no way to live your life forever.
-Work out together at least 5 days a week
-We are also discussing the possibility of making one treat once and a while. The frequency is still under discussion, but it will probably be once a month. Once a week seems far too often.

We have also talked about how we will define success at the end of these 30ish days. We both agree that weight loss is a goal of ours. We would also like to feel better, and we are going to re-evaluate our habits at the end of it, to make sure we haven't fallen back to old ones.

Now Eric doesn't at all want to do the Whole30 again, so this is motivation for him to keep this up and keep me accountable. So as much as it pains me to "quit" something, Eric has urged me not to see it that way. He knows I am not a quitter when I say I will commit to something. He wants me to look at this like I am taking permanent steps towards a healthier life, and I am trying to see it that way. I learnt so much on my first Whole30. These things I still carry with me, and want to live my life according to them. I am not at all giving up on this way of life. The Whole30 creators themselves have said that doing a Whole30 was NEVER meant to be a permanent solution. There will always be splurges and we need to decide if they are worth it or not!

Now please do not take this post the wrong way. I am SO SO SO happy we did a Whole30. And if you have never done one, I urge you to try. YES it is strict, but I felt that made it easier. Plan out ahead of time when you want to do it, and make sure it doesn't conflict with any major social events, birthdays and holidays that you are just going to torture yourself on. Potlucks and other parties can be handled on the Whole30. Eating out can be done. Being on the go can be done. I have done it all. You just need to PLAN AHEAD. That is the biggest thing. Try to get someone fully committed to do it with you. RESEARCH. Research until your fingers fall off. Read everything you possibly can on Join the FB group and ask questions. Stock your pantry. Just commit to it. You can do it!

If I did it once, anyone can do it.

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