Monday, November 20, 2006

Sick Puppies

What a crazy day!! I woke up late, with cramps, to the smell of sweet dog crap. Grrrrr. My dogs are puking and crapping all over the place. So I brought some of the crap to work, we did some tests and it turns out they are sick with two different parasites! ARGH! The bright side is that it can both be treated with one drug, which is very nice!! Now I have to shove pills down both my dog's throats for two weeks... fun. At least the dayt went by fast today. And I got rid of one of my bunnies today, just one more to go. Right now i am listening to Boys Like Girls, they are awesome. I want the cd so badly. I hope my dogs are feeling a little better when I get home... I don't feel like cleaning at all :S.


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