Wednesday, May 23, 2007

It has been so long...

WOW! It feels like forever since I wrote on here. So much has happened. I don't know what to say even. Well... Paris is doing great, getting really fat, and grumpy towards dogs, more loving and cuddly towards humans. I kinda feel sorry for her, it seems like she doesn't know what's going on, but I'm sure she does. I am starting to get really nervous about the birth, too. I mean, us humans usually make it to the hospital and have doctors deliver out babies. Paris just has me. I feel to inadequate. I really don't want to loose her, it would break my heart. It might seem silly think to pray about to you, but please pray for me about this. Pray that everything will go good, that her whelping will be easy and problem-free. Pray that I will not be so nervous, and that if something goes wrong, I will know what to do. I never thought I would be so nervous about this.

As for other things in life, they are good. Plans for Europe are moving along slowly, we are starting to save some money for it. We have paid off lots of bills lately too, which is REALLY nice. It's nice not to have that burden anymore. On Sunday we had C&C and we watched a Nooma DVD, Rain. It was really really good. I can't wait to watch the rest! Our house is slowly starting to get clean. Just the spare room left. Maeve is working out really nicely. We can let her off the leash outside and she sticks around. We went for a walk to the cabin the other day and she had a great time running in the bush, but everyonce in a while she checks to make sure we are still around. I wanted a dog like that. She is such a smart thing. So many people have told me that Irish Setters are dumb, but she picks up on stuff pretty fast. She just doesn't listen to "Come" when she is far away or chasing something. She loves catching my rabbits that are loose in the yard too. She is the sweetest dog too. You can do anything to her, she has no aggressive bone in her body at all. I have never heard her growl. She loves playing with other dogs, but nobody want to play with her. She has soooooo much energy and she loves to run as fast as she can. She is a endless pit for food too. She will eat and eat and eat until she pukes. After we feed her she searches everywhere for more food.

I bought new shoes today, a black pair of Dawgs. They are so ugly, but they are pretty comfy, and they breathe really good so hopefully my stupid athlete's foot will go away, I am not even an althlete. Tonight Eric, Me and a bunch of his friends are going to Brennevins in Gimli. I haven't been there in soooooooo long! I am so excited to go. Anyways, I should go for now. I have to go buy Venessa a shower gift for tommorow night! I will try to update more, for those of you that even care.


Jobina said...

Paris looks so cute in her 6 week pics! You can definitely tell there is something in there! I wonder if dogs get post-partum depression?

Stacey said...

Of course we want to read about you! Hope everything goes great for Paris.

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