Tuesday, February 05, 2008


So my teeth seem to be healing well. YAY! I am so glad to have that over with.

As for all the changes in my life, it is a struggle, I knew it would be. I haven't been excerising much cause I hurt my back almost 2 weeks ago, and if I work out I can barely walk after! But tomorrow I am going to the doctor to see what he can do about that. I have never had such bad lower back pain than this before. Seeing as how you can use one appointment for more than one problem, I will probably pick another random problem out of the medical mixed bag I get to live with! One day I will have it all figured out.

Anyways, I am starting up College and Career again, so I am back to updating that blog if you want to check it out.

If anyone wants a good baby gift, I am putting 5 rag quilts I have made up on ebay tonight. They are really cute. My inner entreprenuer (spellling?!?!?!) want to make lots of them to sell and possibly have an online store one day. It is something I love doing so it should be fun. We will see how these sell before I make. Who knows, maybe one day soon I will have a giveaway and one of my four (if there is even that many) readers can win one. Maybe. One more reason to get high speed internet!

I just ate a whole box of chocolate covered raisins... not at all healthy food. But tonight I will make myself a nice stirfry, I have all the ingredients for that. It is hard to eat healthy when you have no money for groceries! Then I will probably play the Sims 2 all night and try not to kill myself or ruin my relationship with Eric this time! LOL

Oh yeah, this morning I saw a horrible accident on the pine dock road. I think everyone is ok, but all the way to work I was just worrying about the people in the car. Please pray for those involved and that they will be alright, I'm not sure if it is right to post names here.


Jobina said...

Way to go listing your quilts! I checked them out and they look awesome! Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Can you put a direct link to your auctions up? I think I found yours (under" Hoppyclod" or something like that) but I don't know for sure!


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