Monday, January 14, 2008

There Is No Place Like Home!

It is so good to be home! I love sleeping in my own bed with my comfy blanket, sitting on my couch watching tv, playing with my puppies. YAY! Being gone for so long makes you appreciate things so much more! Even my dogs are happy to be home. They just want so much attention all the time. They don't want to leave my lap!

Friday we left in the afternoon for Matheson Island. We spent a day there visiting and catching up. I also caugh the flu there! By midnight on Saturday I was feeling sick. Then I puked twice on Sunday morning and couldnt go to church. I havent puked in like 10 years so that was something new for me. I was so sad, I havent been to church in so long! I slept until 12 or so, Eric made me some tea, I drank that and then moved onto the couch. I watched TLC all afternoon and I felt horrible. I kept the tea down though! I had a shower and felt soooo much better! Then we went to Terry and Eloa's for "Christmas". Eloa had made this amazing turkey dinner that I couldnt eat. Instead I ate chineese noodles and broth. And some ice cream.

I thought I would have to miss the first day back at work, but today I feel better. Just a bit dizzy. I missed work! I forgot how quickly the work day goes here! I had a good day today. It wasnt very busy, just enough to break me in a little bit. I love my job. It is fun!

I also got a bit of money today, so I can afford to put some gas in my car and buy some groceries that hopefully will last us until one of us gets paid!

I have had a rough 2 weeks health wise though... Just while we were leaving Paris to travel to London I came down with a wicked bad cough. Then my wisdom tooth started to hurt as soon as the cold went away. That hurt so much I could barely sleep until I took advil. It still hurts a bit. Then I got the flu. Then this morning I was getting a bowl out of the cupboard from the top shelf and a drink mixer fell right into my eye. Right directly onto my eye, not around it. It hurt soooo much. It feels ok now though, and no black eye! We will see tomorrow.

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Jobina said...

Welcome back Lindsey! Glad to hear that your body is rallying!

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