Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Uprising - Rebirth

Last week was VERY busy in preparation for the weekend. I was also working in Arborg all week, which was interesting. I actually like working in Arborg now. Meghan is gone now, which sucks, but the new girl, Coralee is pretty cool.

Anyways, on Thursday night we hauled what felt like our whole house up to Beaver Creek Bible Camp. We took all the chihuahuas, 8 in total! I couldn't leave them with someone all weekend, so it was either take them all or stay at home, so I chose the former. It actually turned out really well, they got looked after, but there were not a distraction at all! Actually most people didn't even know there were there until we packed up on the last day!!

The weekend was awesome! The weather sucked, it rained all day Friday which made everything gooey and soaked all weekend. You just had to come to terms with the fact your feet will always be soaked and you will be filthy and it was OK. We still played lots of games outside. The speaker was OK, I don't feel like he really spoke to me personally, but I hope that he did to the kids, because the weekend was for them, not me.

The praise and worship was AWESOME! I really enjoyed it. It was probably my favorite part of the weekend.

The food was also awesome, we had an Italian themed weekend, and I think for the most part everybody loved the food, even if it was a bit different!

On Saturday night we had a band come out, the Arborist. They were REALLY good. They did a lot of praise and worship songs and some of their own. They were great. It was totally worth having them out.

The games were a lot of fun and the kids really got into it. I was scared they would be dragging their feet.

I really think the weekend was a success. I don't think we are doing it next year though, we really don't want it taking away from Abundant Springs. We have talked about a winter retreat or just saving it for two years. We definitely agreed that our youth groups should get together more often!

This is the only picture I have from the weekend! It is of Steve Brandt helping Steven Plett get into the trailer that was locked and we don't have the keys for so we could stay in there! Thanks guys!


Lyss said...

I was waiting to hear how Youth Retreat went. Glad to hear you had a good time! Great picture:)

Jay Boaz said...

So the only picture you have of a Christian youth retreat is two of the youth breaking and entering. Nice. :)


Lindsey Dueck said...

I know!! LOL

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