Friday, June 27, 2008


It has been FOREVER since I posted on here! Sorry! I have been so busy and we don't have internet at home, I just haven't had a chance!! Lots has happened I am sure since my last post. My husband turned 23 (SO OLD!), we went to the ex, we bought a new dog! My puppies are so grown up and eating and wobbling around. They grow so fast! I wish I could put some pictures on. Andrew is supposed to be doing our internet this weekend, so I will do it them.

We did something very spur of the moment last night. We bough another Irish Setter. He is 6 months old and is in Minnesota. He was the right price and we had to act fast or he would be gone, and we would never find another one at that price, thats for sure! We were thinking of getting a puppy in August, so this is a little bit unplanned for us. I still can't beleive we will have another big dog. Maeve is going to be so pumped to have a boyfriend. He is not neutered either, so we are thinking we might breed them next year! I am looking forward to going on a road trip with my husband in our new car! It won't be for long though, unfourtunatley. I have too many other animals to take care of at home! Here is a picture of the new guy:


Jay Boaz said...

Is there a limit to how many pets you can have before you have to get a permit? :)


Lindsey Dueck said...

Not here! LOL

Anonymous said...

he's cute! congratulations!

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