Friday, June 13, 2008

Where I Am At

I haven't talked about my spiritual life alot on here, mostly because there has not been that much of one lately. However in the past month, I have grown so much. I never stoped believing or anything, but I feel like I just faded away. Ever since I have been listening to the music on The Message on XM Satellite radio., I have felt such an attitude change. I pray more. I think more about my actions and words in front of the people at work. I used to avoid talking about youth/church related things. But now I am not trying to hide it. I LOVE the music I have been listening to and I have at least 10 cds that I want to get now! I have such a desire now to read the bible and learn more. I am very excited about what God had instore for me and what He wants to teach me.

Please pray that I will keep growing more and more each day!


Jobina said...

Hey Lindsey, I wanted to let you know that I'm still reading. I love reading about your bootcamp and your puppies and your life! Music is such a powerful medium, I know that it helps me a lot of days to "look up"!
You're awesome!

amy said...

It was refreshing to read your blog today. I haven't checked blogs for quite awile, so I had a lot to read on your site. I am so encouraged to know that other people are dealing with the same things that I am. To know that I'm not alone.
I am so excited for you and all of the 'new' life that has found it's way into your life. Your motivation has inspired me. I will pray for you that you can keep it all up, and continue to grow like 'a crazy person' closer to God. There is now better place to be!
Take care! Talk to you soon.
You are such a great girl!

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