Friday, September 04, 2009

Clearly Contacts

Last week I ordered contacts for Eric and I, from Clearly Contacts. I got the presciption over the phone, and I messed it up. I ordered Eric -2.50 instead of -2.75 for one eye. I meant to call and change it, but completely forgot. On Friday just before I left for the youth camping trip, I got a call from Clearly Contacts, to confirm my order! That's when I asked if I could change my order and they let me! I am so impressed with their customer service! Since when do you order something online and they call to confirm it? I think that is awesome, because if they didn't, it would have been much more of a hassle for me to get them exchanged.

Also, I placed my order on Thursday, and received it the following Wednesday! They included a contact case and a pair of sunglasses that Eric likes! Not to mention this was all for 1/2 the price that it costs at the eye doctor! They have a large selection of contacts, they carry glasses starting at $38 and they are Canadian! I will be shopping from Clearly Contacts again!


Hillary said...

that's awesome!! My parents both ordered glasses from clearly contacts recently and they were really impressed with everything too! and so cheap!

Stacey said...

My parents ordered from there too, and saved a ton on progressive lenses. I love saving money!

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