Thursday, August 05, 2010

Our vacation

I will not bore you too much with the details, but we had a great time last week on our summer vacation. It was much needed, I was really needing a break from work!

The first weekend at lilac was fun. We spent most of our time swimming, eating, naping and just hanging out with family. Eric went to the bombers game on saturday with Robert, while my mom and I napped. Hahaha.

Sunday we left Lilac for Star Lake. It was a great week. I ran every morning, and it was tough! I usually ate breakfast then napped before lunch. One morning Eric, Terry, Eloa and I attempted to bike to Falcon Lake. It was a hard bike ride with lots of uphills. We biked for 1 and 40 minutes! I wore my heartrate monitor and it said I burnt 2000 calories!! We didn't make it all the was to Falcon because it was taking too long and we wanted to make it back for lunch. The rest of the time was spend swimming, boating, reading, playing games, relaxing. It ended far to quickly.

Then Eric and I headed to Fargo for the long weekend. We went to the small border crossing at Tolstoi and waited for almost 2 hours to cross the border! It was insane! We got to Fargo far later than we expected. But, luckily we still had time to swim in the pool!! The hotel was great, and it was a good deal for everything it offered: pool/hot tub, microwave and fridge in room, king bed, free breakfast, fitness center. Saturday we shopped, Sunday we went to the Zoo (which had very few animals) and watched a movie. Monday we headed home after stopping at a few stores.

We were going to have lunch at the Texas Roadhouse in Grand Forks on the way home, but it didn't open until 4. So we looked across the street and saw the Golden Corral. We had hear it was good from several people, so we decided to try it out. It was horrific. The food was not bad, but there was so much. It was obscene. I felt like we were cattle being let in the gates to the troughs. I was so ashamed to be in there. I felt so guilty eating there that I barely ate anything!

After that experience, we heading home. I am glad to be home, I missed my animals, but it is just so good to get away for a while!

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Anonymous said...

Lindsey, I went to Golden Corral once too and I felt EXACTLY the same way..I imagined that half the food was old because how in the world could they keep track of keeping ALL that food fresh...and I also felt guilty because there was such an excess and my stomach was turning at the sight of that ridiculous amount of food along with the thought of it being expired...I will never go back there if I can help it. So pitiful and disgusting.

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