Saturday, August 14, 2010


We had our appointment at Heartland yesterday. We got there extra early, because I was so paranoid about missing it!

Dr. K was an interesting man, to say the least. He greeted us and took us into the room. We sat down and he said "So you make sperm and you make an egg when given drugs". Then he proceeded to read our file, and about 10 seconds later he was groaning and said "I need to take some tums. Do you guys want some?" We kindly refused. He continued to read the file, without saying anything, for what felt like an eternity. So long that the silence got akward. He was making all sorts of odd expessions. I didn't know if I was supposed to say something or not. He also kept glancing out the window (he had a great view), and finally started fretting about whether a tornado was coming towards us!

Oh dear, I thought to myself, this guy has no clue what is going on. Then we talked about weight loss, and how there is only a 30% chance that will help, anyways. He told me I could go off metformin, which is awesome. I told him about my running, and he said that it might interfere with ovulation, and that I should not run that much. And then I asked him how much is too much, and he told me not to train for a marathon! Lol. Well yeah, I doubt running for 20 minutes in the morning will affect my ovulation, buddy.

In the end, I got sent for some bloodwork, got some meal plans and healthy living literature (yeah, because I don't know any of that already, weight doesn't just disapear the minute you start working on it, and your "miracle" photocopied meal plan is not going to do that either. I wish), and we are trying clomiphene again. We have a follow up appointment in 2 months.

I am disapointed. I was hoping for something more drastic I guess.I just really think the clomiphene is not going work, because it didn't last time. This guy in a reproductive endocrinologist, so he should know what is going on right? I have to trust him. But I just feel like we are wasting even more precious time.


Jobina said...

I can see that that would be disappointing...hopefully next time he's more present for your appointment.

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry that it didn't go as you expected. I've heard that if you can pick a doctor there to go with Dr. M, at least that is what I was told by another doctor, might be worth switching if your follow up doesn't go how you hope.

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