Sunday, May 08, 2011


Well, I am sick today. I pretty much wastes a perfectly beautiful day sleeping on the couch. I think it is some sort of flu. My stomach is pretty upset, I feel weak and dizzy when I stand up and I had a low grade fever. I hope I am going to sleep it off tonight and be fine tomorrow.

Today was mother's day, and I originally wasn't going to go to church. Usually I just wind up feeling left out and alone after a mother's day service. But then I changed my mind and decided to go. And then I wound up sick, so the decision was made for me and I stayed home.

My friend Melissa stopped in, and she had brought me flowers from her and a bunch of other friends. They are potted gerberas and they are so pretty. I will post a picture when my internet is back up and running. I was kinda overwhelmed that they would aknowledge that mothers day is hard for me and bring me a gift. Thanks so much ladies! I love you all!

Melissa also told me that the service was really good, and that they has prayed for me specifically and for others who are struggling to become mothers. At that point we both started crying. :s

Now I am sorry I didn't go to church, but running to the washroom every 10 minutes and spreading this bug would not have been very nice!
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Jennifer said...

Hope you are feeling better!

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