Sunday, May 01, 2011

Chiffon Cake - Fail

Yesterday I attemped to make a Chiffon cake with almond flour and agave nectar instead of white flour and sugar. All the other ingredients were exactly the same. The batter tasted great. It seemed to rise like it was supposed to.

But it was awful.

After baking it had this weird sour, kind of metallic taste. And I tried to make frosting with margarine, honey and the smallest amount of icing sugar as possible. But that was also awful.

I am totally embarassed, but here is a picture:

I don't have the heart to throw it out, because the ingredients cost too much! And I am not going to even bother posting the recipe.


Jennifer said...

At least you have the courage and guts to try something new!! I hate trying new recipes or altering them!

Jobina said...

every good cook has a few epic fails :o)

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