Sunday, May 15, 2011


Today was a gorgeous sunny day! We went early to the game to watch batting practice. We go to see quite a bit of it, and got really close.

Eric got a ball from a coach, and later on hot Johnny Mac to sign it.

We were in the shade for the game, but we had really good seats. The wind was cold, so I ran to the car to get a jacket. We sat with another group of Canadians. Jose bautista got 3 home runs today, and I got a picture of him hitting the 3rd one. I didn't plan on catching his homer on camera, I just wanted to take a picture of him batting and it just so happens that he hit a homer when I was taking my pictures! So cool!

Tonight we will be home late. We have been driving since 4 and won't be home until 230 or 3.

I will post pics and more details tomorrow.

Oh, and the Jays won today, sweeping the series. I like watching my boys win in person.

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