Monday, October 24, 2011

The Packing Has Begun

Today we spent some time packing up our yard. Seeing as how we will be moving in the winter, we didn't really want to dig through all the snow to find our stuff. We are storing everything in an empty barn at the farm until we move to our new place.

We also packed up several boxes of inside stuff that we can live without for a few months and that will be ok to freeze. Our pile of stuff on the barn looks huge already, and it isn't even the beginning of what we have to move! It is kind of a scary thought!

We are hoping to get a few more boxes packed up this week because we are having an open house this weekend. We have quite a few people interested in our place, so we thought it would be easier to just have one day that everyone could come and check things out!

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Melissa said...

So excited for you Lindsey!
Did you need any help?

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