Monday, October 31, 2011

More Exciting Phone Calls!

I called Heartland again today to leave my work number. They didn't call me back at work, but they did call Eric at home. They told him we would be in the January cycle. We have a appointment on December 7th to sign some forms and do some IUI training. I also have to let them know which CD I am on, and depending on that I might have to go one birth control pills to get my cycle to the right date. I am not excited about going on the pill again, but I know it is different this time around.

The nurse said we have to decide whether we want to do oral or injectable meds. I am leaning towards injectable because I know they're more effective and I don't want to waste time. They are more expensive, but I am pretty sure our heath care plan will cover it!

The nurse is supposed to call me at work tomorrow with more details. I can't wait!

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