Tuesday, February 28, 2012


I really thought posting for an entire year would help form some good blogging habits, but it seemed to make it worse!

This past weekend was a busy one. Saturday we went to the Matheson Island Fishing Derby, which we go to every year. It was a very nice sunny day, but there was only one fish caught. The fish was 0.74lbs and won the man over $3500! Pretty good I would say! This year I didn't fish, but Eric always does. He loves it!

On Sunday Eric and I went to the Baby & Kids show at the convention center. It was a fun experience, I got some free stuff and lots of ideas! I found a really awesome newborn photographer and I would LOVE to get pictures of this baby when he/she is all fresh and new!  I also found a made in Manitoba option for cloth diapers, and we bought a cute little onsie with Eiffel towers all over it. It was fun to walk around and tell people my due date and just enjoy the fact that I am pregnant.

I feel like my mindset has done such a 180 since finding out I am pregnant. Hearing about other pregnancies doesn't hurt as much, I almost look forward to it because these are all the babies mine will grow up with! Walking around the Baby & Kids show and seeing all the pregnant ladies, babies and little kids made me excited about the future, instead of left out and alone.

October 16th seems so far away. But I am looking forward to every step of this journey. Even the huge, hot, uncomfortable summer part. At least I will get to wear this dress : )


Brittney said...

LOVE the dress! You should totally post a pic of yourself in it:)

Sounds like you had a very fun weekend, enjoying your pregnancy! I'm SO happy for you!! You deserve all this new joy:)

Jay Boaz said...

Beware the cloth diapers, I have heard from lots of people who have tried them and very, very quickly abandoned them.

Lindsey Dueck said...

Do you mean cloth diapers in general Jay, or these specific ones?

I am pretty set on doing cloth diapers. I know a few people who use them and love them. it is better for the environment and better for my baby. I want to avoid the chemicals in disposables and maybe it will save me a bit of money but that is not the main motivation! So I am going to give them a good, solid try!

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