Sunday, February 12, 2012

Not Only My Own

I have had so much fun telling people about our pregnancy. I could not wait to share it, but I had to wait a couple days for the blood results to confirm the home tests. 

I am mostly excited to share because there has been SO MANY people praying for us. I just wanted everyone to know that their prayers have been answered, and to thank them so much for praying for us. This joy is not just our own, it is the joy of all of our friends and family that have supported us with prayers and encouragement. God has truly blessed us in so many ways. 

It was also fun to talk to the Heartland nurses about it. They were almost as exited as me! They were so happy to see an IUI work, and happy for me that I didn't have to go to IVF.

Tomorrow I will be 5 weeks.  The nurse told me I am due on October 16th. I have an ultrasound on February 23rd, to hopefully see a heartbeat and to see if there is more then one baby in there. Eric and I have a feeling there might be more than one. 

Thanks you to everyone for all your prayers and support! We would still greatly appreciate your prayers as we start this new, very exciting phase in our life!


Kelsey Loewen said...

I was so excited to hear the news! Very happy for you both. God is good.

Dayna said...

i love sharing your joy! and can't wait to hear about the ultrasound results! i'm gonna keep praying for you and your little one/s!

jessethewestie said...

Congratulations!!!!!!! So happy for you!

Anonymous said...

Best news ever ever ever. You're right about the fact that many people share the joy of this miracle. I think when we cry together, we "own" the answered prayer together too! You are having an exciting year as a family - no doubt about that ;o

Brittney said...

Aww, you are always so extremely thoughtful, even now during what is solely your rightful blessed time:) I think I speak for all your blog friends when I say that we are just SO stinkin' happy for you and your dh!!! Having followed your journey for quite awhile now I've seen all you've gone through, and I cannot think of someone more deserving. That baby(s?!:)) is going to be overwhelmingly blessed to be so loved and wanted. Continuing to pray for you and cannot wait to hear all about your ultrasound!!!

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