Monday, June 18, 2012

23 Weeks

Size of baby: Large Mango ( Over 1lb and 11.5 inches)
Total Weight Gain: 10 lbs
Continuing symptoms: Braxton Hicks, round ligament pain
New symptoms this week: Nothing new this week
Maternity Clothes: I got some more of my favourite maternity tank tops! I love them.
What I'm Eating: Normal diet. Lots of cheese
Cravings: Cheese, peanut butter

Movement: Stronger and more frequent, especially today! Eric has been able to feel them a lot more, although baby likes to stop kicking when he touches the belly. BUT today he SAW the baby move. Pretty much the coolest thing ever.
Special pregnancy moments: I got maternity scrub tops at work, they feel so huge right now, but it is kinda sobering to realize they will be snug in a few short months!

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Melissa said...

Don't you just love feeling and seeing your little one move? :) You are almost 6 months along. Pretty exciting! You look awesome!

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