Saturday, June 23, 2012

A Bee-utiful Shower!

I love planning things. So I was thrilled when I got to plan a baby shower for my dear friend Melissa and her sweet baby Chloe! 

I planned it with her sister and a friend. We decided on a Bee Themed shower because Melissa's name means Honey Bee!

I made tissue paper balls in black and yellow. 
 The banner says "Sweet As Honey" but it was hard to read. I was super disappointed with it. :(

 I wish I could have found three bee themed clothing items, but the yellow shirt would have to do. I LOVE the bee sleeper! It is from superstore. I love their clothes!
Chocolate dipped pretzels
 Cookies and cupcakes
 Bee chocolate cake
 Lemon Bars

I did note even get ONE picture of baby Chloe! I spend most of my time doing the games and setting up and holding her, and I didn't haul my camera out more !

For the games we played Baby Telephone (a piece of parenting advice is passed through all the ladies telephone style ending with Melissa), Baby Picasso (draw a picture of a baby with your eyes closed and Melissa chose the funniest, more realistic and most bizarre), and Bobbing For Nipples (like bobbing for apples, but with baby bottle nipples. Not surprisingly, it was hard to get participants!) I love games at showers!

Today I am doing lots of work for a wedding shower for my beautiful sister-in law to be and best friend Alyssa. The theme is "Alyssa In Wonderland"! Should be fun!!


Melissa said...

Thanks again for planning the shower Lindsey. You did an amazing job!

Clarence said...

This was a lovelly blog post

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