Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Another Project

I have been getting a lot of projects done lately. 

On Sunday I started with all these pieces separate, 
 and on Monday night I had this! I love it. It has minky on the back, which is the softest, most cuddly fabric ever. I plan on making a blue one as well.

Today Eric and his Dad drilled holes for our dog fence poles, and I cut the 12 foot 4x4's in half for them. We worked in the rain for most of the time, but they got all the holes dug and I got all the fence posts cut. I can't wait to have a fence for those dogs. I am so tired of them taking off, and it makes me nervous that they go on the road.

I have a few other projects on the go right now as well. I am almost done my baby furniture, I just have to get the right sized screws to put the hardware on. I bought the wrong size today, even though I took a sample for comparison. I have to build the base for my table and stain and wax the whole thing. Also I am knitting a baby blanket, and I have one to crochet as well that I haven't started yet. I love having projects to do! 

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