Monday, July 02, 2012

25 Weeks

Size of baby: Rutabaga ( 1.5 lbs and 13.5 inches)
Total Weight Gain: 12 lbs
Continuing symptoms: Braxton Hicks, round ligament pain, sore feet
New symptoms this week: Leg cramps
Maternity Clothes: I found a few regular t shirts that still fit! But other than that I am loving my maternity clothes, especially my tank tops and jean shorts!
What I'm Eating: Normal diet. Lots of cheese
Cravings: Cheese, magnum ice cream or something similar

Movement: Lots of movement! Not a whole lot at work while I am walking around, but lots at home in the evenings, especially after I eat. Eric and I saw the baby moving through my clothes in church on Sunday. So cool! I feel not just kicks but the babe flipping around. 

Special pregnancy moments: Seeing the baby move a bunch of times. I love trying to watch for it. 

This week we are going for a 3D ultrasound! I am kinda nervous to see the baby like that, cause it kinda freaks me out! But I want the magical ultrasound experience that I didn't get at my medical one. I want to be humoured! 

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Melissa said...

I loved watching Chloe move in my belly... especially during church. it made me want to laugh. I want to feel that little one of yours! :)

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