Tuesday, May 13, 2014


Confession. The reason I wanted to blog again is to get this all off my chest. Each day I have put It off, there is more and more to say! I will try to keep it short. 

We doubled the meds for our second IUI attempt. My body overreacted, which is apparently typical of PCOS. We were given the option to cancel or switch to IVF. We chose to switch. While more expensive, it would have been our next step anyways if this IUI didn't work. 

About a week into the meds I started to feel bloated and nauseous. This past Wednesday we had our egg retrieval and they got 22 eggs. 

I felt fine right after the procedure but once the pain meds wore off I was in a lot of pain. 

Thursday we found out that 17 eggs fertilized. I was starting to feel very uncomfortable and bloated, but hopes it would go away. 

Friday I woke up feeling worse, and I had has a terrible sleep. I called the clinic in the morning to see if how I was feeling was normal and they advised I come to be seen. 

At the clinic after much waiting got an ultrasound and the doctor said I had a lot of fluid accumulating in my adbomen as a result of Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome (OHSS), and he wanted me to get admitted to the hospital to be drained. 

Well there was no beds available, so he advised I go home and come back in the morning. We decided to stay the night in the city so we didn't have to do so much driving. 

Saturday morning we called the clinic and were advised to go to HSC emergency to get an ultrasound and get drained. We waited there for 5 hrs only to find out I didn't have enough fluid to get drained, so we went home. I got some t3's to take home. 

Saturday we also found out that all 17 of our fertilized eggs were growin/dividing. She said 40% would turn into blastocysts they could freeze. 

Sunday I was relatively comfortable with the T3's. By Monday afternoon my bloating had gotten so bad that I was having a hard time breathing or getting comfortable in any position. I called the clinic and my doctor wanted me to get admitted to the hospital. 

So last night we packed up and I checked in. I got X-rays, bloodwork and an IV. 

Today, Tuesday, I waited for an ultrasound. And I waited. And waited. Until it was too late to get one. I am stuck here for another night, and hoping I can get an ultrasound and be drained tomorrow. 

I have gained 20 lbs of fluids since Friday. I am very uncomfortable, nauseous and I can only eat very small amounts at a time. My back is hurting whether I sit, stand or lie down from the pressure.  I cannot wait to have relief. 

On the bright side, today we heard that we had 9 embryos make it to blastocyst stage to freeze! Meaning I am now mother of 10! 

They will be transferred at a later date, one at a time. Whenever I am feeling better. It will take several months before I am back to normal. 

I hope that means that I am done with fertilty drugs forever! 

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Sarah said...

Oh no, I'm so sorry to hear about these complications! I hope you recover quickly, and I will be praying for the IVF to work swiftly and smoothly when you have!

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