Thursday, May 22, 2014

Mother of Ten

I have talked to a lot of people on the last few days and weeks about our babies in the freezer. It seems that people are not sure what to think about them. I have gotten a lot of comments along the lines of "They probably all won't take, you won't have 10 children".

It has made me think long and hard about what those babies mean to me. And maybe this is just coming from an overstimulated, super hormonal woman, but these are my feelings.

All 9 of those babies are alive. They are all humans. As a Christian, I believe life begins at conception, and these babies have lived and grown 5 days after conception before they have been cryopreserved.

It is hard to fathom that someone microscopic is alive, and just as important as any other baby.

So comments like "It is doubtful that all of them will work, anyways", are hurtful. I would never say to a pregnant woman "You could easily miscarry that baby" or "Your baby could be still born".

Are those possibilities? Of course they are. Anything could happen at any time. I fully understand that my babies might not survive the thaw, that they might not implant, that they could miscarry early. Any of those things will be considered a loss for me, and I will be devastated.

As crazy as it seems, I WANT all those babies to survive. One of the things we understood when deciding to do an IVF is that we could end up with a lot of embryos to freeze. And we decided to be commit to giving all of those embryos a chance at life. Nobody will be discarded, nobody will be forgotten about. If that means we have a large family, then we have will have a large family. Something I have always dreamed about, but never thought it could be possible with infertility. 


Evi said...

Wow...just wow. What an amazing thought. All Gods graces to you and Eric as HE writes your story from this day forward.

Anonymous said...

Agreed with Evi - God is writing your story and He always knew what your journey would hold. 1 or 5 or 10 kids-He ultimately controls it. There are arguments of course for families that seem to overextend themselves without a responsible plan in place but it sure sounds like your commitment is for LIFE.
Try not to be hurt - no one quite knows anyone else's journey and we must offer grace as we so often require it too!
Gloat in your awesome success, relish in the possibilities and LIVE in the day! God bless your family, Lindsey and Eric!!
Love you guys and so excited to see you in July.

Ruth said...

Really powerful, Lindsey.

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