Friday, January 30, 2015

Whole30 Day 30 - Non-Scale Victories

Amidst my panic that I was not dropping enough weight fast enough, my fellow Whole30ers reminded me that weight loss is not what this is about. They reminded me that the number on the scale is not indicative of my success or my worth as a person. They encouraged me to think of my Non-Scale Victories and celebrate those. So here I go:

Digestive System: Before starting the Whole30, I woke up every morning feeling nauseous, and not because I am pregnant. I had also recently developed this pain in my stomach, especially when I ate something sugary. Taking a Zantac would help. Both of those things are now gone, thankfully.

Emotions: I feel much more level headed. Before it felt like I had lots of highs and lows of emotions. Now I have felt very even keeled. I feel less stressed out, even when I have a large workload. I feel like I have been way happier. Also, I can think clearer. The mental fog I would experience from time to time is completely gone.

Clothing Fit: While my clothes are not hanging off of me, I do feel like my clothes have been fitting better. Even my winter jacket that I just bought is fitting better.

Cleanliness: On the Whole30, you cook a lot. There is a lot of cutting up veggies and such. Which means a lot of mess. I have noticed that I have been more motivated to clean up as I go, and clean up after I cook. My kitchen is much cleaner than it used to be. I am making a habit of keeping things clean and I love that.

: I have actually really enjoyed all the extra cooking I have been doing. It has been fun to have a fridge loaded with veggies, all I have to do it look in and decide what I wanted to make for the next meal. I used to always agonize over what I would make. My veggies would always go bad waiting to be cooked. I feel like mealtime has been easier. I am looking forward to trying lots of new recipes as time goes on!

Taste Buds: I think my taste buds have changed. I have eaten salmon twice, and thoroughly enjoyed it. That is a huge milestone. Yesterday when I had a bell pepper I noticed just how sweet it tasted.

Cravings & Snacking: My cravings for sweets have been greatly reduced. I don't feel like I HAVE to have it anymore. We have also greatly reduced the amount of snacking and grazing we do. Especially in the evenings. 

As for Eric, he says that his heartburn that he would often experience is completely gone and that he feels less bloated.

I think looking back at that list, I sure have accomplished a lot in the last 30 days. And some of the things really are more important than the number on the scale.

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Evi said...

I used to feel like I could use a nap, every day, by afternoon. In the two years we have been living this way I have not once felt that and have full energy, and clarity for the day. I really can agree with your other experiences too. Feels too good to reverse now.

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