Sunday, January 25, 2015

Whole30 Days 8-24 - Journey To Health

I was planning on writing every week about my Whole30 journey but I kinda fell behind. The newness wore off, and I got into a groove.

The hardest day was Day 10. They said alot of people quit on Day 10. The newness has worn off, and I just wanted to eat endless amounts of chocolate cupcakes. My mind was focused on all the things I could not have, and I wanted to whine and stomp my feet and have a fit about it. I regetted saying it was "easy" the days before. So I am not surprised people give up on Day 10

After that, things got better. Both Eric and I are really enjoying eating like this. I love having my fridge stocked with veggies. Meal planning is pretty easy. I decide what kind of meat/protein we are going to have then peer in the fridge and grab a veggie or two to cook/prepare. I don't spend hours making meals. We eat pretty simple, but we eat delicious.

I think it is important to keep a wide variety of veggies on hand to avoid food boredom. It's been fun thinking up new ways to have veggies.

Looking back on the past 24 days, it has been quite easy over all. There has been some difficult moments. We shared a meal at a restaurant the other day because it was the only compliant thing on the menu, but it was $30 a plate and we didn't have the money to spend $70+ on a meal. Not only did we feel stupid, we were hungry.

But for the most part, it has been really enjoyable and simple. I could easily live like this!

We only have 6 days left, but I don't feel like it's a countdown at all. I don't want to stop this. In fact I am afraid to stop. I don't think I have a good control on my sugar dragon yet, nor do I think that my emotional eating is under control. I am still looking forward to being able to have cake. I want to be able not thing about that anymore. Not even sure if that is possible.

Something odd that I have experienced is food dreams. I am dreamed about gorging on unhealthy foods, and feeling guilty about it. I wake up feeling disappointed that I have screwed up the Whole30, only to realize it was all a dream! PHEW!

When I get to thinking that I have been doing this for 24 days, I start panicking that I must have screwed up somewhere along the way. I cannot believe that I have stuck to this for 24 days. I have NEVER gone 24 days into anything without cheating a little bit. But I have. I have done this, with not even ONE bite of anything non-compliant. It is possible. If I can do it, anyone can! I have terrible self control.

One thing I love about the Whole30 is that it changes your relationship with food. I look at food a different way now. I THINK about everything I put into my mouth now. I read every label. I ask questions about how things are prepared. I want to be informed about what I am eating, so I can decide if it is worth it or not.

I am not going to say that I will never eat *insert food name here* again. I will eat it again. But I will eat in knowing that it is not going to make me healthier, and knowing there will be consequences. I will decide whether that food is worth it or not. Sometimes it will be, sometimes it won't.

As for results, I don't think I have lost much weight. The creators didn't design this to be a weight loss plan, and I need to come to terms with that. I think eventually the weight will slowly drop off as I continue only eating things that make me healthier. But I am used to dropping lots of weigh fast. But I need to remember that it has always come back. Slow and steady wins the race. It is better if it comes off slow and permanent than fast and temporary anyways.

That being said, I KNOW Eric has lots a tonne of weight already. I can tell when I look at him. He will probably have lost 20lbs at the end of this. I will be lucky to have lost 5. Thanks PCOS!


Unknown said...

Proud of you Dueck! ♡ your honesty and you as well

Gina said...

So awesome. You should be so proud. What is it with men and shedding lbs so fast? Dh and I did the 21 day fix and lost more than double of what I did.

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