Monday, February 05, 2007

I am an artist not a painter!

So the sparkpeople diet thing is going pretty good. I am starving though. LOL. But I think tommorow I am going to make enchiladas... maybe. Last night we started the kitchen remodel. We are texturing the walls and painting them a darker yellow, called Solaris. I forgot to take before pics though. But I will take some now and some of the finished product. It should look pretty awesome! I am excited. Eric tried to do the texturing part, but then we both decided that I was way better so I had to do the wall by myself. But thats ok cuz he is the better painted. We are teamdueck, and we make up for eachothers weaknesses. He sucks at texturing , but I am good, I suck at painting, but he is good, so we will pool are skills and create some awesome looking walls. hahahahahahaha.

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