Monday, February 19, 2007

My New Pillows

I hate shopping for pillows. I never find anything I like. So I decided to make my own!!
I used my old animal print pillows and two different fabics I bought to make pillow covers. The end result even suprised me!!

My old leopard print pillow turns into....

...a beautiful flower print that will match my living room.

You can't really see the back, but it is a brown suede and it is so soft and so pretty! I will try and take some more pics once I sew the second pillow!

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. said...

nice pillow! and sounds like you had a great w/e! i don't remember seeing you at the bcbc reunion, but i was still a lil spacey after being sick all friday and sat... oh, and that bed sounds phenomenal! i want one! it wouldn't fit in my room though, lol... maybe if i secretly got rid of grandma's dresser, desk, and filing cabinet that are in there. haha

love you,

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