Monday, February 05, 2007

More songs.... about L-O-V-E!!

Lately I have been listening to alot on New Found Glory. I have liked them forever, since i was like 15. I kinda feel like a grew up with them. Their songs are always about how I feel at that stage in my life. When I was 15 they sang about teenage angst and stuff like that, and now their new album is all about love and marriage, cuz a bunch of them are married. I love it. Here are some of their new songs that explain exactly how I feel about Eric!

Too Good To Be

I wonder, what life would be like
If my shoulder
Could bare the weight of all this adding up
I feel, the breaking point
It's close enough, it's feeling real again
You have my heart in your hands
You have my heart so don't, don't let it go
Check my pressure
Patch me up right, you're too good to be
It's true, we both make sacrifices
There's proof, it came as no surpriseIt boiled up, as we always let it do
We made it through again

On My Mind

Let's make a date out of the cinema
Then stay out till early in the morning
I always like it cause we take it slow
While everyone around us seems so hurried
It feels familiar, cause I've been here before
When your words
Swept the ground right from under me
Remember when you were so insecure
Now you can't get your hands up off of me
But the time we spent was so short
Can't believe it's time to go again
You're always on my mind, all the time
On my mind, believe it
Can we pick it up where you left off
When you said you'll never get over me
I'll take for granted every roll off your tongue
Cause you're screaming out all your honesty
You know it's time,You see the bags at the door
I'm minutes away from departing
In exchange for a few last words
Will never be enough for me

The whole album applies to lots of situations in my life, i just don't want to post it. But you should download those two songs. They are awesome!


. said...

hey lint-c
you love eric? i thought there was something going on between you 2... now i know... lol... i'm so happy for you and him, for your love and your marriage, and your new home... oh, and for your teamwork in the kitchen! way to go!

thanks again for having me (us) over yesterday. it was so nice to relax and visit, and try to figure the movie out...

i loveth thee,

Anonymous said...

Hey Lindsey! Yay I can comment now!! Dayna told me that you guys were getting together and it made me sad not to be around. I'm coming home this weekend...and the next and everyone one in march... We'll have to try to do something on a few of those weekends. I don't see you very often any more and I've missed you! Hope you have a fun week and I'll see you on the weekend! Love you!

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