Sunday, February 18, 2007

Valentine's Day Stuff

Valentine's day itself we didn't do much. Eric sent me flowers at work, my favorite, Gerbera Daisies! And he bought me a bunch of candy. I got him a sweater and a book and a tub of cinnimon hearts. This weekend we sent our dogs with my parents and went to the city. Friday night we went for supper ar Applebee's with Travis, Ryan, Sheri, Sarah, Sam and two other people, I can't remember their names. Me and Eric shared a plate of chicken, quesedilla's and mexican rice. It was sooooooo good! We stayed at travis & ryans for the right, seeing as how we hadn't been there yet! Then saturday we went shopping and I got sweet new shoes and jeans. We also bought a ton of new cd's. Then we went to the Fort Garry Hotel and checked in. We went swimming in the pool and relaxed in the hot tub. We also brough a bunch of games like Boggle, and I beat Eric by a landslide so he didn;t want to play again. LOL. We went to the keg for supper. We both had steak, I hade the chipolte and eric had a pepper one. They were both very very good. We slept in this morning and went for the Sunday morning bruch at the Fort Garry. It was so good. They have an unreal amount of food there! We definatly left with full bellies. We watched tv in our hotel room for a bit, had a little bit of a nap, then headed home. We went to visit Grandma Dueck at Betel, stopped by at the BCBC camper reunion and went to my cousin Troy's birthday party. It was a full weekend but it was fun. I just wish we could have hung out in the hotel for a week. I loved the plush king sized bed with the down blanket (and a feather mattress cover) and feather pillows. It was sooooooo comfy!! Oh well, maybe sometime...

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Anonymous said...

Hey Lindsey! Sounds like you had a super fun weekend! Just had to say that my brother in law actually works at that Keg you went to... but he wasn't working on saturday, so I guess that's not quite as exciting! Anyway, just wanted to say hello and wish you a super week!! -Hill :)

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