Saturday, March 24, 2007

I feel good....

Right now.. at this very moment, I am happy! It is a great feeling. Lately I have felt really distant from Eric, possibly cuz he has been gone almost every night this week, and I have been staying home, alone and lonely. I was usually in bed or asleep when he got home, so I felt like I never saw him. I was starting to get really frustrated. The other night he made an effort to spend time with me after he got home, and we played Boggle. He hates Boggle and I always beat him really bad. I was so glad that even though he hates Boggle, he offered to play it with me cuz he loves me and wants to spend time with me. Even little things like that mean so much to me. I love that I have a great husband, that loves me fiercly and wants to spend time with me. He is amazing!

Today we went to Dennis Kroeker's funeral. It was definatly a tear jerker. His grandson Niko played the piano and it was amazing. Also someone made a really good slideshow that had lots of good, and funny pictures in it. It was really sad, but it was also really good.

I can't wait until all the snow melts and I can ride my horse. I want to go out and ride her tommorow but I am chicken, cuz I have never ridden her before. I am scared she will try and pull something funny. But I am just itching to ride. She really needs to be ridden though, I can see she has lost some muscle mass over the winter from not being ridden. She doesn;t look as good as she used to. Meghan, who I work with at Arborg, has horses. She as taught me lots already. I hope one day we can go riding together.

Paris is finally coming into heat and I am so excited. The stud I was going to use got neuter last week, so I have to find a new one, but I think I have found one. I can't wait to have little chihuahua puppies running around! MY DREAM! I can't wait to have lots of dogs and have puppies all the time! I love dogs sooo much! I know, I am crazy..........

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