Saturday, March 17, 2007

Fixed truck... and lamenting for Europe...

It has been a while since a post! I guess my life isn't that exciting, but I will still tell you about it, hahaha! We finally got our truck fixed, it has been shaking alot lately, so loud I had to crank my music to hear it. Also one of the headlights was burnt out. So even though we spent any hope of saving money for Europe this month, it is nice having a smooth riding vehicle. I still want a new one though... but not till after Europe. I would love to get a 4x4 truck. It is NOT fun getting stuck in 2 inches of snow with the stupid S10.

I love beer commercials, they are the funniest. The one I just watched was the best I have seen in a while. There is this guy that is talking about how canadians done care or know anything abour beer the whole commercial. Meanwhile, he is not noticing an angry canadian mob who has heard all the things he was saying, and has bound him and board him on a plane to who-knows-where. At the very end when he is being loaded on the plane he says "If Canadians really care so much about beer, then I must be completly oblivious to everything around me"/.... You have to watch it to get the full effect, but it is awesome. I don;t even know what beer it is for.

I've started working at Arborg wed-fri now. It has been pretty slow lately, and really boring. I hope it picks ups or I am going to want to go back to Gimli. But I really love working with Meghan. For those of you who don't know her, she is Adam Gregory's wife (son of Lee & Cathy Gregory). She is such a fun person to be with, and we get along great. I love her. We have lots of similarities too. Like we both are pretty newly married. (she just got married this summer) We both love horses (she is going to give me jumping lessons whenever she gets her certification for that) and we both can't wait for our husbands to buy into their parents farms so we can be housewifes and have our own businesses!

I have been thinking alot about Europe lately. I cannot wait to go. We have no money saved up yet cuz things keep coming up we need to pay ( like our truck), and we are still paying off some debt. But hopefully soon we can start saving up. There is no way we are putting it off another year. I cannot wait that long!

I looked at come chihuahua puppies today. There is one tiny cute male I want, but the price is 700, and that is way too much for a chi without papers. I am going offer her 500 for him, hopefully she will take it. Anyways, we are watching a movie now so I should go pay attention!

I will post some new pics soon!

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