Sunday, March 18, 2007

I joined Curves!

So I finally broke down and joined Curves. The sign up fee (normally like 200) was free from march 1- 11th if you brought a bag of food. So I just cleaned out our cupboards of all the stuff we would never eat. I wish I could have sent more but the bag was already overflowing. I didn;t think I would enjoy it, but I actually really love it. It is so simple and quick, and it is such a positibe environment. They will also talk to you about eating right and all that stuff when you are there. I can't wait to go back on Monday... and I also can't wait to get in shape so I can go shopping at any store and know the clothes will most likely fit me. Cuz right now I am basically confined to Old Navy and Wal-Mart, and that is just not cool.

This weekend has been a sad one. Dennis Kroeker drowned in the ocean while on a missions trip in Nicaruagua on Saturday evening. Also, Stephanie's mom passed away after a long battle with cancer. Anyone who reads this, please pray for those two families. It is never easy losing a loved one, I know from experience.


. said...

wow, it'd been a little while since i checked your blog! i feel like i'm barely back from toronto and then my course at sbc and now all this crazyness... i'm in teulon now. we'll see till when i stay...

congrats on starting curves! good for you! where is it?

also, most importantly- thanks for praying for our family... don't stop just yet!

i love you,

Mark said...

Hey Lindsey, hope you enjoy the Curves thing (both my mother and mother-in-law) really like it. Aside from that, I just wanted to let you know that I enjoy reading your blog and hope that you will update it a bit more often - I like the honesty that you write with that. Feel free to visit my blog (or our house) sometime! Adieu,

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