Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Cleaner House

Today I spent lots of time cleaning the house. I got all the dishes done, did lots of laundry swept, vaccumed, cleaned the bathroom. But it still feels like my house is a mess! Me and Eric have to plan a day together to clean and organize the spare room. I found homes for two bunnies!! I am so excited. Actually 3 of them found homes. Only two more babies to go. Then I have to find places for the older baby and the mom and dad and then I can clean out that room. It will be such a relief. I just hate it in there. It is covered in straw and it looks like a barn.

Eric set up my new desk on Monday night. It is great being able to sit up straight and type. It was also just in time for this thing I am doing for a woman at work. I have to type out 6 hours of interviews. It will be nice to make some extra money. I just have to get the tapes from her husband yet.

I found a stud for Paris.... such a relief. He is in Larier, MB, abour 3 hours from here. The fee is 400, so I hope she has a couple babies to pay that off. I think Eric got saturday off so I don't have to drive all that way alone! Yay! Anyways I should go, Eric want to play Phase 10 with me. I will probably get mad, cuz he always wins.Grrr.....

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