Tuesday, February 19, 2008

More Babies!!

I am so excited! Fleury is officially pregnant! This morning I ultrasounded her myself and saw 3 for sure, and I thought I saw one more. Then this afternoon Dr. Slezak wanted to see them, and she counted FIVE! WOW. There are 4 for sure, but she is pretty sure there is 5 in there. That is sooo many. Too many for little Fleury. This is going to be more work than Paris' litter, I think. I hope she will do ok. I am already expecting one or two to not make it. I can't keep my hopes too high because she is so small. But hopefully they all make it. More puppies = more fun, Eric even agrees! I will pray for her everyday too. It might sound silly to you, but I did for Paris and everything went so smoothly for her! She is getting a belly already too, and she is only 4 weeks! She is going to be huge! I will post pics of her growing on their blog like last time, if I can make it work. I don't have internet yet, and won't until we get highspeed. I can'twait until she has them! So much fun!

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!congrats oma lindsey!

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