Sunday, February 17, 2008

Valentine's Day

I guss I have to post more if I want people to keep reading this, eh? Jobina threatened me today! LOL! It is hard when you don't have internet at home and no time at work and you just want to go home after work! I think we will get high speed soon though, so it will be nice. I will blog all the time!

Anyways, this Valentine's Day was awesome! I left it up to Eric to plan this year, cause I usually do. We decided no gifts cause we have no money. This year ended up to be one of the best! He made me supper and took me to the cabin and lit a bunch of tealights. It was very romantic. For "phase 1" of supper, as he called it, he made an amazing baked feta cheese dish, for "phase 2" he made "7" grilled cheese sandwiches and vanilla milkshakes for desert. It was dill-icious. It was so yummy. I ate so much that I went on the bunk and slept for the rest of the night! I couldn't sleep on my left side cause my tummy was so full.

That's it. Goodbye. Click-clok-clak-scheeck--schoot-n'uh!


Jobina said...

Excuses, excuses Lindsey...LOL! That sounds like a great Valentines to me!

Mark said...

Nice one Eric!

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