Saturday, February 23, 2008


Bowling yesterday was fun. I had tonnes of energy, but I just crashed when I got home. The kids are really fun, I had a great time. I love being part of youth. It is my favorite. I suck at bowling really bad though. LOL.

This week has been crazy at work. I have been the only one there this week and things have been coming it without an appointment like crazy! I think it is cause of the full moon. Today I had to work as well. But today ended up really great. I worked in Gimli until almost 12 and then I helped Lisa with an emergency at Arborg. Once we were all done that, I got to leave at 3. YAY! It was so nice to be home early. Plus it was so beautiful out I wanted to enjoy it a bit. I even had time to feed the horses with light outside! It was really nice. It felt a little like spring. I really hope that it will be early this year for once!

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