Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Even More IUI Stuff!

First thing this morning I got the call from one of the nurses from Heartland. I was so pumped to finally talk to her. I decided to do injectable stimulation because it has a high success rate. This means we will be cycling with the IVFers. And if I get over stimulated, then we can switch to IVF if we want, which we will probably do.

Then she asked if we would be interested in IVF in the future if needed. I said yes, so she put us on the IVF list as of the day we paid, so June 10th, 2011. Which is TOTALLY AWESOME! Usually the wait list is 8-12 months so it is awesome we got a head start. And we don't have to pay an additional sign up fee to get on the list. So this means that if we need to go to IVF, we won't have the long wait time.

She is sending out my forms and a prescription for the pill just incase I need to go on it. She said I would start my cycle around January 4th with insemination day around the week of the 23rd.

I am so glad to finally have some plans. I feel like this is finally going somewhere. That finally everything is falling into place.

Did I mention the nurse I spoke to was SUPER nice!

I am so thankful to God for the hope He continually gives. Please pray for us as we continue on this exciting journey!


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that everything is coming together for you Lindsey!!!! But okay just remember you have to have your baby at least by Sept 19th or anytime after Sept 22nd, just not that day!!! I'm counting on you to be there for me!!!!! But best of luck with getting pregnant!!! Love you!!!

Melissa said...

So very excited for you Lindsey,
Hopefully soon, you'll be able to be holding your sweet baby/babies in your arms.

Hillary said...

SO excited for you :) I know you'll be an amazing Mom and I'm praying you'll experience that soon!!

Jennifer said...

So exciting!! Prayers and more prayers.

jessethewestie said...

Woohoo, what great news!!

Anonymous said...

That is such awesome hopeful news! I'm so excited for you that you can move forward to a new step that will hopefully give you that sweet baby you guys want!

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