Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christmas Shopping Done!

I finished my Christmas shopping today! Well, there are a few small things I need to pick up in Gimli, but other than that I am done! I did most of it online and at craft sales. Today I took a trip to Selkirk after work to finish off the shopping. I got everything I needed at Wal-Mart, but had a Canadian Tire gift certificate for 25 to use up. I got a 10 dollar item there for my brother, and had the hardest time trying to find something else to spend the other 15 on.

Then I found it, the most beautiful tree skirt ON SALE! We had to throw our other one away last year because it got ruined when we washed it.

Everytime I looked at the Canadian Tire flyer this year I dreamed of the Debbie Travis Homespun collection for my Christmas tree. In other years we have had blue/white/silver but our decor is really cheap. I love the homemade/handcrafted look of the Homespun decor. But it was pretty expensive and I could not afford to buy all new decorations for the tree.

There was a lot of Debbie Travis decor on sale for 60% off, but of course the Homespun collection was not marked down. Or so I thought. I picked a few ornaments from the collection that were around $1 each, just so I could have a few to put on the tree this year to match our tree skirt. My plan was to go back on boxing day and buy all the Homespun decor I wanted on sale! When I went up to the till I was VERY please to find out that all the decorations I had picked out were already on sale for 60% off! Needless today, I was overjoyed. I payed for that, took it out to the car and came back in a bought all the other decorations I had been admiring!

I was having a hard time getting into the Christmas spirit this year. With moving so soon after Christmas, I wasn't really wanting to decorate or get a tree. But now I can't wait! Tomorrow we go for a tree!

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