Friday, December 23, 2011

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

We have now begun our Christmas gatherings! This evening we are at my Mom's for night, we will do gifts with them in the morning. Then we head back to Mennville for my mom's extended family gathering. I am really excited about that one. We have a lot of games planned that will be fun. Christmas Day Eric and I will go to church, do our gifts and then go to his parents for the rest of the day. Boxing day we head to one extended family of Eric's, the 27th we pack up our entire house and the 28th is his other extended family gathering. Then on the 29th we leave for Calgary for a friends wedding on the 1st. We get home late on the 2nd and then move into our new place on the 3rd!

It will be quite a crazy time. I am so looking forward to all the gatherings, spending time with family and eating good food. 

January will be one very busy month!

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