Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Home Cooked Meals

Other than the last three nights, I seriously cannot remember the last time Eric and I cooked a good meal at home. It has been well over a month!

But for the last three nights we have. Monday we made homemade pizza with sundried tomatoes. I LOVE sun dried tomatoes. I can't even get enough of them!

Tuesday Eric had taco salad ready when I got home. He even made some spicy cheese sauce cause we had no cheese it the house. 

This evening I made a Peanut Thai stir fry. The flavour was AWESOME, but my thai sauce to peanut butter ratio was off, and it was way to spicy for me. But ERIC love it. 

Oh how I have missed food like this. I cannot wait until we have a huge beautiful kitchen to cook in!

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