Monday, June 25, 2007

A new baby!

So yesterday was Terry & Eloa's 25th Anniversary BBQ, and it turned out really good. There was lots of people there and I think everyone had a good time. I would love to post pictures of it but I didn't take ANY! NONE AT ALL. That is so horrible. But anyways, it was fun. I was stressing out about the drink and ice situation for a while, but we actually ended up taking LOTS of drink home. Oh well. The cooler for the drinks was a canoe filled with ice, which I thought was the best idea ever (so did everyone else) and I would have been so sad if it didn;t work. It was a beautiful day, with a nice breeze every now and then. We made posters of pictures throughout thier marriage, and I think people really enjoyed those. I am glad it is over though, one less thing on my plate.

All my babies eyes are open now. They are soooooo much cuter. I think I am going to post them on a few sites soon. I would like them to all find homes before they are ready to go. I think I have homes for two already. They are trying to walk now too, one of them is pretty good. He just motors around, pretty fast for a little guy. My little girl, Hazel, was trying to climb into the bed today, but she is so wobbly, so she fell backwards and hit her head on the cage and started crying. She is pretty brave but definatly the loud mouth of the group. She cries the most.

I have been working with my horse a bit lately, and she is doing really good. I hope soon I can put and saddle on her and a few times after that ride her. I am still pretty timid. I am scared to get on her honestly. I have never been like this around horses, I don't know why I am so suddenly like this around them. It might be cause the last time I rode a horse I got bucked off and hit my head on the ground hard and was very sore and could barely move my neck for days. That might be it....

My house is still a mess as usual. I really need a maid I think. I just need to have a week of and get my house in order. I had a bunch of days off last week and it was great. I LOVE NOT WORKING. I love being at home and doing housework, taking care of animals, being able to run to town and go to the bank and post office and everything. It was great. I need to have babies and stay home I think. It's time. I for sure want to be a stay at home mom. I mean I will work breeding dogs and grooming, but it can be on my own time. I really don't think I was made to work for a boss forever. It is just not in me. I might even have an ebay buisiness. Being a farmer's wife I think that will work!

I bought a new puppy!!! Yes... I know, I have enough dogs as it is. But he is my stud for my girls, and if anyone else wants to breed to him I can make money like that as well. He is so cute. He is a Chihuahua of course, black with a little white spot on his chest. He is in Montevideo, Minnesota. A good eight hours away. Does anyone want to go for a ride to the states this weekend? We will do some shopping on Saturday! Cheryl might come with me. I should go clean my house I guess.

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Jobina said...

You guys sure do throw a great anniversary party! It was so nice and relaxed, lots of people to visit with, good pics and mementos to see and a great location. Way to go!

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