Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Today started out good. I woke up with lots of time to get ready, and it still felt like I slept in. I even had time to feed the babies. Work was kind of slow today so it was kind of relaxing. And then in the afternoon I checked my e-mail and things went downhill from there. The woman I am supposed to buy my new puppy from e-mailed and let me know how the pup was doing. Well.. it turns out the vet told her his testicles have not dropped yet, and they should have by now. If they do not drop, it is called cryptorchidism, and they should not be used for breeding. But today she said she could feel at least one of them, so with him being a chubby puppy, and a very small pup it could be easy to not be able to feel them that well. I hope everything works out. I was really looking forward to getting him. But the breeder is being so great about everything, and she said she would refund my deposit if they do not drop, so that is really nice. But for the whole day today before I got her return e-mail this evening, i was distraught. I couldn't just throw away 200 bucks and loose my deposit, but driving all that way and buying a puppy that would be no use in my breeding program is not what I would want either. ARGH! I feel a little better now though, because the breeder is so great about it.

The rest of the day was busy, as usually. Today we shaved a gross Pomeranian from the animal shelter that was found in a bush by hudson. It was so dirty and matted and SO THIN. All around it's neck were ticks and scabs and scars from so many ticks. Poor thing. We gave it really good nutritious food to help fatten it up . Then I WENT TO CURVES! and it was great! I worked out hard. It was nice to go there again. I haven't been there in forever! I feel so bad for slacking so much. Then I came home, ate and went to a meeting. After work I lunged Zaiyah for a while until it started getting dark. I really need to spend more time with her. I think I am going to go there tommorow morning and work her a bit before the farrier comes. I also should groom her a bit and clean her legs. They are filthy from so much rain and mud. Anyways I should go and feed my puppies, it is getting late. Tonight is the first night I am feeding them puppy food. I should take pictures of them too!

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