Monday, June 18, 2007

Comfortable houses, open eyes and runny noses.

I'm not even sure how long it has been since I had a real post. I even considered not blogging again because I was so far behind, I don't even know where to start. Lately I have felt really busy. I guess with working full time, 5 puppies, a dog with a broken leg, having plans every weekend and cleaning this house I have felt overloaded. I feel like I am struggling to keep up in life. I had the house fairly clean and I was proud of it, and now it is filthy again. But a couple night ago Eric and I tackled the spare room, which was a disaster, a complete disaster. Nothing was organized, and my dogs had been using it as their own private bathroom. It was disgusting. So we organized it. We threw lots of stuff away, put stuff in a yard sale box and I cleaned the rug. Now it is actually presentable. I bought some tubs at Wal Mart yesterday so it will look even better!

For our anniversary, my mom bought us an air conditioner. It is so nice! The one we had last year was so ancient, sucked lots of energy and barely worked at all. You had to sit right in front of it to feel the cold air. We also decided to get a little one for our room, because last year we slept in the living room for a couple nights because it was dealthy hot in our room. It seem a little overboard to have two, but there is no way the one in the living room would reach all the way to the other end of our trailer.

My puppies are doing great. I named the two black ones, Leroy and Hazel . But I can't think of names for anyone else yet. Leroy's eyes are open today. He is so cute. No one else's eyes are open yet though. Maeve is doing really good too. She is even using her leg quite a but. Today she is starting to chew and scratch at her bandage. But that's ok, it is probably getting itchy because it is supposed to be changed today. I am going to wait until Eric gets home to do it just in case she freaks out about it.

I am so sick. My nose is runny, i sneeze all the time, my chest hurts from coughing, and I am constantly clearing my throat because there is always something there. I went home early from work today because I wasn't feeling good. So when I got home I had a nap, make some soup and finished my quilt (finally!). It is so nice. I will post some picture of it soon. I bought the fabric over a year ago in Texas. It like 1o different kinds of plaid. I just need to cut it and wash it. I think I will do that tonight! I should go clean some more, do some laundy, finish my quilt and call about a new puppy!! Hopefully I will update this more often. I bet nobody reads this anymore because I am so useless at posting!


Stacey said...

Of course we still read it!! Hope you'll feel better soon.

Sarah Boaz said...

I read it to!

Jobina said...

And I bet that you won't even read my comment because I'm so useless at commenting! See you on Sunday!

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