Wednesday, June 27, 2007


I HATE THE RAIN RIGHT NOW! I mean, i usually like rain, it is refreshing, but lately it has been way to much. Overdosed for sure. Life is still busy as ever. I really can't keep up. Today I bought half the stuff I need to make my fence out front, i expected to spend like 100, but it ended up being 300. And i still have at least 200 more dollars of stuff yet to get. ARGH. It makes me second guess building a fence there, no matter how bad I want it. I wish money would fall from the sky right now. I have no idea how we are going to save enough to go to Europe, yet I can't imagine not going. It would be devastating. We have been dreaming of it for years already. And now Eric is having surgery and will not be making much money for pretty much the rest of the summer. Maybe I should not have bought this puppy, but in the long run I will be glad I did, because i will need him to be at breeding age next spring, and buying one at any other time would be too late. It is so hard to get ahead in life. Maybe after all my dogs start having puppies everything will even out. These puppies of Paris will actually pay for everything. But we want to use some of that money for Europe. I hate money. I wish it wasn't around and everything was more simple. I wish you could live without it. It is so late, 1:45 am. I should get to bed. I should never of went to town. We got back at almost 12 and I still had to change Maeve's bandages, feed the dogs, feed the puppies and pay bills. I am going to be so tired and grumpy tommorow....

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