Monday, July 02, 2007


I can tell today is going to be a stellar day! Instead of starting with three beautiful things that have happened this morning, I will start with three sickening/crappy things that have happened. I know, I am such a positive pigdeon.

  • I woke up to Maeve's kennel being full of bandaging. Yep, she decided it was time to start tearing her bangade apart today.

  • Then she proceeded to take a huge crap on my rug after being outside.

  • Then Kathleen called to tell me the round pen was too wet for me to work my horse in today. That is three days in a row that I can't work with her that I wanted to. Sat and Sunday it was raining, and now today it is too well ARGH! Frustrating

I guess I can be positive about things। I have to change Maeve bandages today anyways. But if she is as repeat offended she will have one of those satelite e-collars on her head so fast she will not know what hit her! And I should have walked around more outside with her so she could poop. But I have no control over the horse thing. I think Maeve dedicated today to be a complete jerk. Because right now she is sitting on the leather couch, which she is NOT allowed to do. I should go. I have alot of house cleaning to do today. And I have to feed my babies! I hope your day started out better than mine!

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