Sunday, July 29, 2007

What to say!

I am just sitting here, my mind blank of what to write, there are lots of things I could post, but I am just not in the right mood. I could talk about the things I have done since my last post, but that's not that exciting. I didn't make this blog so I could just talk about what I did lately. Like anyone cares where I went last week, unless it was incredibly exciting and funny. Well.... maybe I will tell you about one of my favorite experiences at work.....

Lindsey: Hi, can I help you with anything?

Woman: Yes, we were just wondering if there is anything we can give our dog to make him stop scratching after he has a bath. I don't think it's fleas though. Everyone is telling me it is fleas but my dog does not have fleas. Do you have anything that will make him stop scratching?

Lindsey: It is only after a bath he is scratching?

Woman: Yes, only after a bath. Then the nexy day he is not scratching any more.

Lindsey: Well, what kind of shampoo do you use?

Woman: Baby shampoo, thats the best. People have told me thats the best.

Lindsey: It is actually not that great for dog's skin.

Woman: But people have always told me baby shampoo is the best.

Lindsey: It is the best HUMAN shampoo to use on a dog if you had nothing else and your dog really needs a bath. It sounds like your dog has sensitive skin. You might get away with using it on a dog that does not have sensitive skin, but human's skin has a different pH than a dog's skin pH, so shampoos formulated for human's skin are harsh on dog's skin.

Woman: Oh no, our baby is human, his skin is the same. Can't you just give me something that will stop his scratching after his bath. He only scratches after a bath.

Lindsey: Not really. He is scratching after a bath because his skin is irritated from the shampoo. We have some Aloe & Oatmeal shampoo that would be great for his skin if you would like to try that.

Woman: Oh no, we have tried dog shampoo and it didn't work.

Lindsey: Well your dog probably have sensitive skin and would need a shampoo that is gentle. Do you remember what kind of dog shampoo that was?

Deaf Woman: No. There must be something I could give him to stop him from scratching after his bath.

Lindsey: All we have for dry skin is Omega fatty acid supplements, but his skin is only dry after a bath. The only this I can reccomend to you is a gentle shampoo made for dog's skin.

Deaf and Blind Woman(that would be the only way it was logical to say this): Well, I am just going to keep using baby shampoo, because he only scratches after his bath.

Lindsey: (Silence.... slowly creeps into the back, away from clients)


Anonymous said...

that is too funny! it made me smile!

Stacey said...

Lindsey, you just made my day!! Some people are sooo dense.

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