Sunday, July 01, 2007

New Things!

Today's post is full of new things in my life.....
  • a new blog layout (as you can see)
  • a new blog
  • new hair
  • new rain ( oh wait, the rain is getting really old already. ARGH!)
  • a new car
  • a new home

Well.... the last two are in my dreams. So I finally decided to switch up the look of my blog, but only a little bit. Blogger doesn't give you much selection and I only like the dots. Plus now I can use all the pretty light colors of text that you can't see on a white background.

I don't have a new blog, but Eric does. He decided to make his own finally. It is called Eric's Thought's and the link is already on my sidebar. He is having surgery in a week so he wanted something to do while he recovers. It is pretty funny already... to me anyways. I love him, he's a doll!

And yes... my new hair. It was so bland and boring for so long. So I went to Melanie in Riverton and kind of told her what I wanted. It turned out great! I LOVE IT! And so does everyone else. I actually have a style now. Since I can't ever have a normal expression in a picture, this is all you get!.

Oh, I also added one of the AdSense things on my sidebar, so if you feel so generous please click on it every time you come to my blog and help me get some extra cash. Yeah I know, I stole this idea from Jobina. Thanks though! That's all for now!

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