Sunday, July 08, 2007

A Crazy Week!

Hmmm. Where do I start. So much has happened since my last post. I will try to go in order of actual events. But first some cute pictures!

This is my baby girl, Hazel, blinking from the flash. SO CUTE!
Auntie Maeve and the babies. Maeve takes alot of pride of caring for Paris' puppies. I finally let them play with her for the last time last week and she was so good! She cared for them like they were her own. They even tried to nurse her! LOL. Maeve has been dreaming since these babies were born that she could care for them!
My baby Devon, after falling in his plate of food! Paris happily cleaned him off.

Those are just some pictures I took last week. On Tuesday a family came to look at puppies and put a deposit on one. They might take another one but they need to talk about it. They were a very nice family and I am happy one of my babies is getting a great home! Thats why I hope they take two.

Early Thursday morning I drove Eric to the hospital for his surgery. You can read more details about it on
his blog. I shopped while he was in surgery because I couldn't stand to be waiting there. Then when I got back he was really sleepy so I said Hi to him and then let him sleep for a few hours while I read some of the books I bought him. I got back around 2 and I stayed there until after 8. It was boring at some points but I didn't want him to have to stay there all by himelf, with a room full of 9 other surgery patients who he didn't know. He had to stay there overnight so I stayed at my cousin Jodene's for night. I went to get him early in the morning. But that day I was sooooooo tired at work. I even had a long nap in the evening because I was so tired.

Then saturday we packed up and headed to Venessa's ( a vet I work with) wedding near Niverville. It was at a really pretty place called the Evergreen Village. It was set up really nice for a wedding and the food was really REALLY good. Then me and Meghan Gregory had soem fun...

We stole.... er, I mean borrowed some Rhubab from the patch and ate it. It wasn't very good. We also put out feet in the fountain and took our pictures by the arch. It was fun!
This is a picture of Eric and I at the wedding.

After the wedding we went to a movie and stayed at Eric's grandparents for night. Then we woke up early and headed for Grand Forks to pick up our new puppy!

And this is our new baby, Remy. He is so cute. Eric thinks he is the cutest puppy he has ever seen. He has an attutide though.

This is Remy's dad, Rio. He is the tiniest thing I'v ever seen. He is a whole 3 pounds full grown. So cute though.

Then we attempted to go shopping. We only attempted to go because when we got to Target, I realised that I had lost my wallet! The only place I can remember having it was in the bathroom at US Customs. I remember taking it in, putting it on the toilet paper dispenser, but I don't remember taking it out. I feel so stupid. So I only had 60 bucks US on me, so we could only afford a few dog treats, a kennel and some lunch. Of course when we got back to the border my wallet was gone from the bathroom and no one has turned it in there. So naturally I started bawling. Then we drove to Canadian Customs and they were so good about. I was crying, like an idiot, standing at the desk. But they just asked me a few questions and let me back into my home. They didn't even really hassle me about the puppy I brought back. So hopefully somebody found my wallet and will send it back, but I will still have to get all new stuff. The only thing that will be a real hassle is the birth certificate.

Right now my baby puppy is sleeping at my feet, because he is scared of all the dogs. Maeve was really mean to him when she first saw him, very aggressive, not in a mean way, but with her body language. I was a little overwhelmed when I got home, but I feel better now. I need to go to bed now though. I can't wait to go camping this weekend, without having to take care of anything. I can just sleep all day! It will be great.

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wow! so much to catch up on.... i hadn't read your blog since before camp started! lovely so read/see what's going on in your life
love you,

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