Sunday, July 15, 2007

Dirt Boots

I can't believe we are back from camping already! It felt like we were barely there! We left on Thursday after work for Lilac Resort! We had to take all the chihuahuas, all eight of them because I couldn't find anyone to watch them. ywere a bit of a hassle because people were constantly coming and going to our site to see the puppies. Someone was actually even UPSET with me because I wasn't at my site a few times when they wanted to see the puppies. Well, I am so sorry I was not sitting at my site waiting for you, ALL DAY. Come on, I didn't bring them for people to come see all the time. So anyways, me and Eric would like to go camping to Star like with his family July 22-25th. If anyone wants to watch all, or some of my dogs, that would be great! I would even pay you!!!

Camping was fun, we got there on thursday night around 9. We pretty much just set up and went to bed, we didn't stay up late at all. But we did sleep in really late, until like 12. We didn;t even realize how late it was until one of my Aunties woke us up (coming to see the puppies of course). Eric had an appointment with his surgeon on friday and he said everything was good. So we picked some stuff up for people and bought some stuff we forgot. then I finally got to go swimming. But we realized we forgot to get meat in the city so we had to go again on saturday morning. The rest of the time was pretty much spent eating, swimming, sitting in the hot tub and hanging out with family. It was a good weekend but it was not long enough! I can't wait to go to the lake with Eric's family!! I realy don't have much else to post, so that's all for now.

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